The complete Electronic Troubleshooting and Repairing House

Gama technologies provide unique and fast repair services for your laptops, desktops, personal and home office computers. Undertaking laptop repair service and upgrades. We replace Cracked Screens, Defective Keyboards, Broken Hinges, Virus Removal etc.. We also upgrade, laptop Hard Drives and Memory. Handling with printers and CCTV camera repair, barcode data recovery and chip level board repairs.

We troubleshoot and repair all kinds of laptops, desktops, printers, displays, keyboards, etc. Also provides software upgrades, virus removal, memory and hard drive upgrades. We service CCTV cameras installed at your office and home. We have a smart team of engineers to take care of all kinds of brands and products.

We sell all kinds of electronic accessories and components as well. All categories of active and passive components such as transistors, diodes, valves, resistors, capacitors, inductors etc. Dealing with all kinds of Displays and LEDs for your projects.

We undertake chip level service of all kinds of electronic boards and circuits like RF & Microwave boards, Remotes, water level monitors etc.