Breville BDC600XL Coffee Maker Review

Breville BDC600XL YouBrew Drip Coffee Maker

Coffee lovers are those who are literally addicted to the steaming, aroma rich, brown color beverage. When you think of gifting something to a coffee nerd, a coffee maker would be the best choice. Every time they make a brilliant coffee out of it, they will certainly think of you and thank you.


Having decided to gift a coffee maker, now if you are confused as to which one to gift them with, then allow me to introduce you to Breville BDC600XL Coffee Maker. You may wonder why to choose Breville coffee maker. Breville is the top brand in home appliances and their YouBrew series in coffee maker is rocking the market with best reviews and accolades. They make the high performing coffee maker at affordable price, and satisfy every one’s coffee cravings.

May be you will need to know the features of Breville BDC600XL for you to choose it without any second thought.

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LCD Monitor

The clear black LCD display monitor, not only displays the time, but has a lot more feature in it. One can actually program the coffee maker to start brewing the coffee beans for the next day morning, and wakeup without any stress to make coffee. Your coffee is ready for you to taste and enjoy when you rouse for the day. What a way to start a perfect day!

The monitor also displays the time in which your coffee will be ready; yes it has a count- down timer for you plan your morning. If you think that is all, well it is still not over. The display will educate you on the amount of water available in the reservoir.

Wait one more to add – it also gives a clear signal on when the coffee maker needs a decalcification.

Choose your preference

Not everyone at home has the same taste and preference to the strength of the coffee. Breville coffee machine does not limit your taste with one style of coffee. It gives you a range of preferences from lite to bold and various options to choose from including mild coffee, strong coffee.

Also it is hassle free, that one need not worry on the amount of water to add, coffee ground to be measured with respect to the preference. Based on your choice Breville BDC600XL YouBrew Drip Coffee Maker will automatically choose the right amount of ingredients and gives you that wonderful coffee that you had wanted.

Integrated Grinder

A thumb rule of making an exceptional coffee is to crush the coffee powder and make it instantly. When a coffee is made soon after crushing it, the aroma lingers in your tongue, throat and memory for a long time. Breville knows about it hence, it has designed BDC600XL YouBrew  with a built in grinder. You get a fresh coffee by adding the coffee beans which will grind and brew coffee for you.

If you choose to use grounded coffee powder, then you can choose to turn off this feature of grind and brew.

Programmable coffee maker

A cup of coffee makes you going and helps you with the extra leap with more energy. You can program your coffee maker to start and brew for the next day or set the time to match to your back home time and coffee is ready for you. All you need to do is fill the filter with ground coffee, fill the reservoir with water and program it for you to have your aromatic hot coffee for the right time.

Some of the other important highlights include the pause and serve option; it does not drip when the pot is removed from the machine. It can be programmed from 12 cups to 1 cup, and can be interfered to fill you mug in between without any issues. The stainless steel design looks awesome and it is ergonomic as well. The parts are cleaning friendly. The coffee maker comes with one year warranty and the customer service team is absolutely client oriented workforce.

The choice of using a gold filter or a paper filter is available. Breville BDC600XL YouBrew Drip Coffee Maker comes with a thermal heater, which can be used to preheat the coffee.


Breville BDC600XL YouBrew Drip Coffee Maker is unquestionably the best choice high quality coffee maker with has a gamut of features in it to make coffee making an uncomplicated procedure, and it is worth the value of money.