Best Drip Coffee Maker Reviews 2015

The early French men had very many innovations of coffee-making process. They came up with a French drip-pot for brewing and filtering coffee. They achieved this by arranging two chambers one over the other with a filter in between. Since then, there has been many Drip Coffee Maker Reviews.

Traditionally, finely ground coffee was put on the upper chamber and boiling water was pored over. This allowed few drops to the lower chamber after which it was served. The process was slow giving out tea which was hot as they expected. To overcome this, they started serving it over a hot pot or plate for it to remain hot.

Cuisinart DCC 1200 Brew Central 12 Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

They are now known for their economical price ranging from fifteen to three hundred dollars for top models known as standard best coffee makers. They are good for large families as they can brew about ten to twelve cups at once. The process is slow but you can stop it when in a hurry. However, this is not advisable for it can affect the taste of coffee brewed later. It is popular as it is easy to use and produces coffee with similar tastes like those in shops, restaurants and cafes. All these make it the most ordered home appliance.

Automatic drip coffee makers have many extra features. The commonest one is the timer which enables you to have coffee each and every time you want. You will only put the grinded coffee, fill the water tank with water and press the timer button. The rest will be taken care of by your machine. This simply means that by setting your timer accordingly, you can enjoy your coffee once you reach home after a long-tiring day.

Drip brewing is mainly used as a coffee brewing style in North America. It is still popular and common among the domestic workers. They are portable, compact and easy to handle without control panels or complex settings. You need to keep in mind that it is always advisable to invest on a good coffee-grinder. You can look for combo deals and offers given by the coffee makers on the e-shopping sites. They generally offer discounts enabling you to buy the coffee grinders and machines at affordable prices.

Always use the best high quality coffee beans. You will achieve this by grinding coffee in large quantities. This will retain the aroma and taste of your coffee. You should consider buying a drip coffee brewer with a metallic filter for it lasts longer although it requires coffee beans to be ground a little bit coarser than for paper filters. Paper filters are not the best for they may the taste of coffee just like some plastic filters.

The quality of coffee brewed may be affected by other several factors such as the quality of the brewing coffee seeds and the purity of the brewing appliances. The appliances should be cleaned at least once a week. You should try to utilize water and dish detergent. To remove other buildup and hard water deposit, run clean plain water throughout the cycle. Try all these and for real, you will enjoy your coffee from time to time.

Which is the best coffee maker you should buy?

Looking to buy the best coffee maker for your home or office can be a tricky. There are several types of coffee makers with different prices and features. So you need to choose the right drip coffeemaker which fits your budget and the features you need.

Some of the different styles of coffee makers that available in the market are, percolator coffee maker, single cup, and french coffee press or the popular espresso makers. Do you have any preferred brands? Some of the popular brands are Breville, Mr Coffee, Cuisinart, Hamilton beach, Keurig, Bunn and more. There are also coffee maker in different price range like coffee maker under $100, coffee makers under $200 and expensive ones above $500.

Like any other kitchen gadgets you need to really pay attention to the features you like before buying a drip coffee maker. Don’t get too much confused we have done the work for you after reviewing lots of tests and below are some of the best drip coffee maker we recommend.

Our Best Coffee Maker Picks
Maker Style Brand Pricing Rating Visit
Cuisinart DTC-975BKN Programmable Coffeemaker Cuisinart Medium starhigh B0000YTYGM
Melitta 46894A 10-Cup Thermal Programmable Coffeemaker Thermal Coffeemaker Melitta Medium starhigh B00EI7DPTY
Hamilton Beach 49980A 2-Way Single Serve Brewer and Coffee Maker Two Way Brewer Hamilton Beach Medium starhigh B00EI7DPPI
Philips HD7450 0.6-Litre 650-Watt Drip Coffee Maker (Black) Coffee Maker Philips High starhigh B005EEQ696
DeLonghi DCF2212T 12-Cup Glass Carafe Drip Coffee Maker Carafe Drip Coffee Maker DeLonghi Medium star B003TOAM98
Black & Decker 8 Cup Thermal Programmable Coffeemaker coffee maker Black & Decker Medium star B0051T8QNI
Mr. Coffee CG13 12-Cup Switch Coffeemaker Review Switch Coffeemaker Mr. Coffee Low star B002MVJQPA
Cuisinart DCC 1200 Brew Central 12 Cup Programmable Coffeemaker</td>
<td > BlackBrushed Metal Brew Central Cuisinart Medium star B00005IBX9
Capresso SG120 12-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker Review Coffee Maker Capresso Medium starhigh B007WO2LZE

Coffee Machine Explained

With so many option deciding which coffee machine to buy is a daunting task. Below are the different styles of coffee machine with its benefits and features.

Drip Coffee Machine

best drip coffee maker

best drip coffee maker

Drip coffee machine are popular and common coffee makers found in every household due to its ease to use and affordable rates some of these coffee makers are well under $100.

Benefits of a Drip coffee maker
  • Easy to use no much technical knowledge is need to how to add coffee filters, turn on the swtich and make a coffee.
  • It is automatic and fully programmable and it is great for someone who is busy and best fits into their schedule
  • All drip coffee machines brew up to 12 cup of coffee at one time perfect for big family where they have lots of coffee drinkers.

Single Cup Coffee Machine

best single cup coffee maker

best single cup coffee maker

Single cup coffee maker are best suited for someone who needs just one cup of coffee at a time. Keurig coffee machine is one of the popular in this section of coffee makers. Single cup coffee makers uses prepackaged coffee pads to make coffee.

Benefits of a Single cup coffee maker
  • Easy to use, quick and fast way to make single cup coffee
  • Easy to maintain and clean the since it is just makes single cup there is not need to clean or change the filters.
  • Perfect for someone living single or less people drinks coffee in the household.
  • Single cup coffee makers comes with different flavors of coffees.

French Coffee Machine

Best french coffee makers

Best french coffee makers

French coffee maker is one of the oldest coffee press used for coffee brewing. The style of french coffee maker has not change throughout these years despite all the new technology introduced into the coffee machine making. Due to its simplistic design and easy to use it has become one of the most preferred coffee brew for some of the coffee lovers.

Benefits of French Press
  • No need of power to run the french coffee press.
  • Very simple coffee machine accessories needed like glass cylinder, plunger and filter.
  • All you need to make a good coffee out of a french press is hot water and grounded coffee.