• Front end IP RTL design and verification
  • SOC RTL Integration and verification
  • Electronic Design Automation (EDA) solutions

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  • Map new IPs and build prototypes for IP validation using the latest FPGA/AP-SOC offerings from XILINXs and Altera.
  • Implement highly optimized DSP solutions using the power DSP resources offered in the XILINX Zync-7000 series FPGA.
  • System Validation support using AP-SOC SDK platforms.

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The Engineering Services

  • A team that upholds integrity, commitment, transparency and uncompromising quality standards as its founding principles.
  • Strong leadership with proven track record in successful end-to-end execution of complex SOC designs and heading design organizations of vertical business units in leading Semiconductor companies.
  • We strive to build and maintain long-lasting win-win partnerships with leading Semiconductor product companies making them successful in bringing out highly effective silicon products yielding first pass success.

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